Image from: Poltergay (2006)

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Reviewed by jeteli PH / Joined jeteli 2016
France, 2006, 93 minutes, SD Comedy, LGBT, Supernatural
I can't stop laughing while viewing this film!  That scene in the bathroom where Marc gets photographed by an unmanned camera revealing a back side view of him in the shower was so hilarious and Clovis Cornillac was comedic, from his facial expressions to his line delivery.  Julie Depardieu as the wife Emma was stunning and outstanding although I have to say, it's the unique characters of the 5 ghostly gay men who spice up the movie from start to finish. There was a constant image that keeps popping everywhere, from the wall to the billiard table, to the pillows and even on Marc's jacket, that of a male genital with wings and it turns out the bespectacled gay was the culprit. I always have a good laugh everytime the image appears, so gay!  One very tender and heartwarming scene was when the ghosts helped Marc to spruce up the house and prepare the meal when Emma finally came home. The ghost in white suit even acted as dance instructor to Marc, that was a really great scene it was funny and it had a very human quality to it. Director Eric Lavaine scores a major funnybone of a film with this one and would have to check on his other comedies as well, like Back to Mom's. Truly hilarious with loads of good-natured humor, very impressive performances plus a dose of retro music and retro fashion for you to enjoy and reminisce! TRULY A MUST-SEE! 
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