Image from: Our Paradise (2011)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Our Paradise
Our Paradise
Our Paradise
France, 2011 Drama, LGBT
A dark yet affecting film by Gael Morel who also wrote the screenplay.  It's an interesting character study of Vassili, a male prostitute who's not so much fancied anymore because of his age; and Angelo,  a young man whom Vassili saved and welcomed to his fold, with the same profession as his.  Almost instantly they became lovers as seen from the countless intimate scenes, which, though involving nudity was almost always tastefully filmed.  Vassili's killer side surfaces when clients demean him and Angelo seems to tolerate it. There are some disturbing scenes with old and greying men in this film but that particular scene where a wealthy yet twisted elderly man made them do some ghastly things , even placing a rat on Angelo's back was downright freaky and ghastly.  There's blood and murders in this movie but then again, it's also the unfolding of a love story between Angelo and Vassili, each one always tender to each other and expressing genuine emotions, despite of their dark and sinister sides.  This is worthy to be included in your weekend movies-to-watch list! 
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