Image from: Wajma: An Afghan Love Story (2013)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
Wajma: An Afghan Love Story
Wajma: An Afghan Love Story
Wajma: An Afghan Love Story
Afghanistan, 2013, 86 minutes, SD Drama, Arthouse
Eye-opening and compelling! This movie presents issues and traditions in the Afghan context that may prove shocking for most of us in other countries. Based on the film,  things like pre-marital sex is in itself punishable and more so, when a woman bears a child out of wedlock it's a total shame and curse for her family.  The father's utter disappointment was very evident but I wished the actor who played Wajma's was more expressive during those intense scenes where he was punishing his daughter as I observed that while his actions were relevant, it didn't match his facial expressions too well.  The movie is heartbreaking but also conveys the lesson that playing with fire can get you badly burned, and this was shown in the film literally and symbolically.  My heart goes out to Wajma, beyond her naive nature and gullibility lies a very genuine being who simply believed and trusted someone so easily.  Worth checking out!
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