Image from: Love Steaks (2013)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Love Steaks
Love Steaks
Love Steaks
Germany, 2013, 89 minutes, SD Romance, Arthouse
I find this movie rather interesting because the lead stars somehow rightly complements each other.  Clemens has a gentle nature and very careful in dealing with the massage clients,  Lara on the other hard, while a very hardworking chef is a drunkard who can't control her drinking. She is also childish at times and acts carelessly.  While this is a sort of romance comedy  it's the comedic scenes that are more noticeable as the romantic notion wasn't intensely indicated, at least from the side of Lara, she seems to be just teasing and  testing Clemens while he has deep concern and maybe affection for her. The acting techniques and over-all vibe are quite eccentric and queer and I was surprised to know that director Jakob Lass is actually Tom Lass' brother, another film maker in Germany whose style quite resembles with this movie. Worth checking out!
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