Image from: I Will Be Murdered (2013)

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I Will Be Murdered
I Will Be Murdered
I Will Be Murdered
Guatemala, 2013, 85 minutes, SD Documentary
Watching this movie will make you ask countless questions!  So many speculations have come out because of Rosenberg' s murder and with the method he used in foreseeing his death. Accusing the Guatemalan president was like an atomic bomb launched in the middle of a metropolis and you know what the effect would be. At the end of the film, with the final verdict given and the master plan exposed for all, still, there is room for doubts and confusion. As his son has always stressed, his father was an honourable man. This movie sparked massive controversy not only within Guatemala but even among other countries and has exposed countless social ills that's been existing as old as time itself. Well-crafted film by director Justin Weber who's also known for films like Barca: The Inside Story. This movie earned awards from the Havana Film Festival and Sao Paulo International Film Festival. Worth watching! 
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