Image from: The Abode (2015)

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Reviewed by josephcalingasa PH / Joined josephcalingasa 2016
The Abode
The Abode
The Abode
Armenia, 2015, 100 minutes, SD Comedy, Drama, Arthouse
Impressive performances and with  narratives that touch our innermost emotions.  This film that comprises of five short stories give us a peek into the lives of Armenians  around the time of the Artsakh Liberation War which spanned for almost a decade. The central fixture is the apartment complex which becomes witness to a couple of dramatic, emotional and humorous scenarios of its occupants.  While the film conveys the spirit of solidarity and a sense of community  it also  presents us with the various facets of human nature. In short, the apartment complex becomes witness to various struggles, emotional and personal conflicts as well as a sense of hope and belongingness.  Each of the narrative has a distinct message to tell and tackles a variety of genres but all in all,  it gives viewers snippets  of  how it is to be a helpful neighbor,  value of friendship, the what ifs and guilt of a long-ago romance remembered, how a family disintegrates because of war and distance and a man's bond with his dog buddy, among others. A  very obvious element that lingers all throughout the film was the long and winding staircase with ornate design and for a moment, it jolts viewers and reminds us that this is a lasting and fundamental witness to all that unfolds within that abode.  Compelling and a joy to watch with family and friends! 
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