Image from: While You Weren't Looking (2015)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
While You Weren't Looking
While You Weren't Looking
While You Weren't Looking
South Africa, 2015, 76 minutes, HD Drama, LGBT, African
An interesting South African film that intends to bring light to issues like lesbianism and lesbian marriages in the African context. It also tries to delve on these issues in the eyes of the adopted daughter Asanda, who ultimately falls for tommy boy Shado. However, while  issues may be subtly tackled upon the saving grace would be the impressive performances of the actors. Petronella Tshuma as Asanda was particularly stellar and spontaneous in her portrayal of the character and Thishiwe Ziqubu as Shado was similarly outstanding. These young and up and coming actors have already received acting award at their young age and for sure will continue to blaze the trail for future fresh and raw acting talents. The lesbian parents of Asanda, Dez and Terri were also commendable and has their stellar acting moment during that confrontation scene surrounding the issue of infidelity. Cinematography generally commendable and with musical scoring that is at par.  Worth checking out!  
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