Image from: Bright Night (2015)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Bright Night
Bright Night
Bright Night
Germany, 2015, 82 minutes, SD Mystery, Arthouse
Truth to tell, I got a bit dizzy while watching this film.  There were countless scenes that seem to come back or play again, adding confusion to the somehow confused manner of storytelling. But on the other hand,  viewers can pluck a lesson or two about relationships and in settling things about the past once and for all.  Not so adept when it comes to psychoanalysis and stuff like that, but personally I think there are scenes that suggest something like that, including a person's various personalities, alter egos and the like. I'd like to think that there's nothing supernatural in the film as what the synopsis suggests, but the double identities of Anna is just like a symbolism of the person that she is versus the person that she once was, someone that hasn't really moved on from past events and tragedies that happened in her life.  I think the defining moment there would be that scene where she's seen talking to Heinko's mother.  It's like a form of reconciliation, a gesture on Anna's part to make amends and to free herself of guilt and remorse.  There weren't really any explanations, and in fact the whole scenario surrounding the tragedy of Heinko's demise wasn't really explored but it seems that Anna carried so much excess baggage and unpleasant emotions because of what happened.  The movie is engrossing and while it's defined as a genre crossing type, it's a kind of mystery drama that didn't require external forces attributing to the said unexplained scenarios but more so, it's on the internal struggles of a woman who has to really bare herself from inside out, face her fears and be bold enough to accept the unpleasant emotions in order to free herself of  the past events that haunt her endlessly.  This is worth checking out! 
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