Image from: Kaptn Oskar (2013)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Kaptn Oskar
Kaptn Oskar
Kaptn Oskar
Germany, 2013, 78 minutes, SD Romance, Drama, Arthouse
It has a couple of adult scenes but it's one engrossing movie that viewers can derive a lesson or two where it concerns relationships and romance. I am profoundly curious with the title, Kaptn Oskar, because nowhere in the film does the character of Oskar seems to hold a position such as a captain, and in fact, the character doesn't seem to have a career or occupation at all. So I concluded that maybe the designation was meant to be his role in the life of Masha; a sort of navigator, someone who helps steer her into a clearer path or direction. Sadly though, I don't think it amounted to that, until the conclusion of the film. The good part is, Oskar, after countless moments of contemplation, finally initiated the end of their "weird relationship" and told Masha that she needs a daddy and not him. This I think was the best decision that Oskar did, after some hits and misses in his life, including seeing his rebel of an ex-gf, Alex. I liked that the film ended on a positive note, that they should just be friends, no expectations, no romantic overtones. Masha, for her part, has so much angst and so much issues going on. It may be true or untrue, re her father's demise, but I think it was one big factor why she became who she is. There is a very great and inner need in her that draws her to older men, who don't treat her really more than someone to satisfy them and give a few minutes worth of pleasure. I'd like to think that the decision of Oskar, for them to end their romance, a sexless one at that, and to settle as friends for good, would be the start of something good for the both of them. For Oskar, to finally find himself and be a man who's responsible and driven and for Masha to have someone she can trust and confide on, without expecting something else.  They say it's a slasher comedy, but I'd like to think it goes deeper than being a comedic relief. This film has so much more in store, such as finding oneself,  going beyond the physical level of relationships and above all,  putting and identifying the real worth of a person.  It's a very engrossing and intriguing movie and I'd greatly recommend this! 
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