Image from: Evdokiya (1961)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
Russia, 1961, 106 minutes, SD Arthouse
I was engrossed while watching this film. It has a quiet beauty and charm, simply told but it will stick with you and the realities are applicable universally, whatever country you may come from. The film talks about relationship and marriage issues, family relationships and the pros and cons of raising adopted children. It also tackles the war period but it's not really a main focus of this film. There was narration at certain points during the film's entirety and for me it was admirable, because it gave clarity to the scenes. Another issue depicted here was in terms of faith and religion. As indicated, Evdokiya worships at a local church and prays for her  children who are faraway and those who are enlisted as soldiers. In one scene she was heard saying a silent prayer, that she'll only believe in God's existence if her son goes home alive after the war. Sadly it didn't happen and during that scene while she was mourning she indicated that she has lost faith in God. The cinematography was commendable and acting portrayals were impressive especially that of the lead characters. It's a notable movie that present day viewers can still highly appreciate for the relevant issues such as family and marriage relationships  that are applicable at any given time. 
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