Image from: Commissar (1967)

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Reviewed by jeteli PH / Joined jeteli 2016
Russia, 1967, 110 minutes, SD Drama, War, Arthouse
While the film tackles the horrible events that happen during a war what took my attention more was about the Commissar's human side and that of being a woman and mother. This for me is a unique story, being an official in a Communist Party, yet suddenly becoming pregnant. Her stay with a peasant family opened her eyes and reconnected her to the human side of things. The scenes depicting a poor yet happy family in the midst of war was poignant yet heartbreaking and there was one very disturbing scene, that of the young kids torturing and hurting the older sister. The acting portrayals were very impressive,especially that of Nanna Mordyukova as commissar Vavilova and the poor man Rolan Bykov who fit perfectly to his role as that of a jovial family man with a lot of pent-up anger towards the initiators of war. Very engrossing and compelling movie and I highly recommend this to everyone!
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