Image from: Gone Crazy (1988)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
Gone Crazy
Gone Crazy
Gone Crazy
South Africa, 1988, 74 minutes, SD Crime, Thriller, African
Noticed some discrepancies on this film. First, regarding the bomb who was stolen by the mad man.  If it was a mega bomb which is very destructive and could cause great damage to a vast area then why is it just placed in a sort of an open box at the top  of a cupboard where it can be easily seen. It doesn't seem like a safe and secure place to keep the bomb, even without the detonator. Also,  I noticed this private investigator who's always seen with the same jacket on most of the scenes. Quite queer for me. Some of the scenes are interesting though and  I recognized the actor who plays the mad man  here as the one who plays a bad guy in the film Impango, he's actually easily recognized just by looking at his funny face and toothless grin.
Not for me
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