Image from: Train to Busan (2016)

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Reviewed by blacksnakemoan FR / Joined blacksnakemoan -0001
Train to Busan
Train to Busan
Train to Busan
South Korea, 2016, 118 minutes Action, Horror
Chuck 28 Days Later, Under Siege 2 and World War Z in a blender, with a sprinkling of K-Drama, and you have this adrenaline-pumped undead extravaganza. More laughs than chills are on the tracks in this thrilling film, which keeps you in suspense for almost its entire 2 hour running time - no mean feat. The acting is way above the bar for this kind of genre, and the action never forgets to take a brief time out every now and again to bring us back to the core of the story, which is the relationship between a divorced father and his daughter. He is given solid support by Ma Dong-Seok in a scene-stealing turn as a jocular, heart of gold meathead. And, rather than being your stereotypical zombie fodder, two grannies prove that if you're going to go down, do it on principle! Wouldn't mind a sequel from the team that brought us this - Last Train to Pyongyang, anyone?
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