Image from: Mine boy (1980)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Mine boy
Mine boy
Mine boy
South Africa, 1980, 72 minutes Drama, African
The lead actor Xuma is quite a contrast where it concerns his character. He knows he impregnated Pinky, a prostitute, who only sleeps with him when he has money, but still he wants to support the child. Pinky wants to abort the baby though but Xuma is adamant, because according to him it's a sin in the eyes of the Lord. For me, this is one admirable quality of Xuma, inspite of his weed-puffing ways. Though characterization was quite well-established the performances were not so convincing, even the actor who played Xuma has his awkward moments, save for Stella, the middle-aged woman who owns the illegal pub house. My, how well she dances! The film tackles the easy go lucky and weed-smoking ways of African urban folks and how it has in a way changed Xuma,  the village boy who ventured into the city. Also, the topic of abortion was depicted here including the ill-effects that it can cause. I'd have to say the "abortion scene" was a compelling and eye-opening scene in this film, which led to a tragedy.  All in all, the movie also gave viewers snippets on African culture especially in terms of songs and dances. 
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