Image from: Conspirators of Pleasure (1996)

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Reviewed by josephcalingasa PH / Joined josephcalingasa 2016
Conspirators of Pleasure
Conspirators of Pleasure
Conspirators of Pleasure
Czech Republic, 1996, 83 minutes, SD Animation, Comedy, Arthouse
Hats-off to director Svankmajer for this film extraordinaire! Not a single word was uttered but the message was conveyed on point. It's sort of summed up in these words: "Come on, each of us has our own little kinky secret, don't we?" These conspirators of pleasure each have their secrets but in public they act like normal beings, like everyone else. See how unique a person is, right? And very creative too, where it concerns fetishes and pleasuring themselves.  Was genuinely entertained with the postmistress' obsession just before going to dreamland. I was half-thinking she won't make it until morning, with a rolled bread lodged on her nose! Barbora Hrzanova, who portrays the mistress was comedic and her big eyes were enough to express her heavenly feelings, no wonder this actress was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award for this film. Amongst the actors, she displayed a complex character with hilarious actuations.  I was laughing my head off with that magazine shop owner, who's so fixated with the newscaster and with that, his mechanical talents were honed to the hilt by creating those robotic hands that pleasure him while smooching the TV screen. I'm shaking my head endlessly while watching this flick, Svankmajer is a genius surrealist and animator!  Don't dare miss this!
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