Image from: Broken Sky (2006)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Broken Sky
Broken Sky
Broken Sky
Mexico, 2006, 140 minutes, SD Romance, LGBT
Superb lighting during intimate scenes, emphasizing on the toned and sun-baked skin of gay lovers. But when one strays, conflict soon arises. Another guy comes along and a new relationship begins. The film explores gay relationships but I noticed that more emphasis was given on the physical contact from kisses to sexual contact. In a way, the film seems to signify that physical connection is powerful but sparks fizzle with time, as compared to a relationship built on a solid foundation of communication, trust and friendship,among others. This is reflective of human relationships and the film, once viewers go beyond the seemingly long intimate scenes will realize that such scenes are emphasized to make us realize the comparisons that go with relationships built mainly on a shallow physical one as opposed to a relationship that involves genuine communication thru dialogues and compatibilities. I observed that there were very scarce communications between the lead characters aside from the kissing, glances and stares. It is indicative that relationships thrive better and longer if there were also  worthwhile conversations and dialogues. If you relish gay themed films then this is to your liking. 
Not for me
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