Image from: A Perfect Ending (2012)

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A Perfect Ending
A Perfect Ending
A Perfect Ending
USA, 2012, 110 minutes, SD Drama, Romance, LGBT
How would you like to conclude your life, your existence? I think, this question forms part of what the movie would like to drive into. For Rebecca,  she wanted it to have a perfect ending, and perfect it was. But the journey towards that end was not easy, it had to undergo rough seas and turbulence. She had to fight for what's worth for her children, she had to be strong and she had to rediscover herself, including her sexuality.  This film is about Rebecca, a middle-aged housewife from the burbs who felt the need to secure her children's future but at the same time anxious and curious to experience the realm of passion and desire. An unlikely person, another woman, was able to fill that need, a woman who's been deeply bruised and emotionally scarred, the escort named Paris ( Jessica Clark). They both share a strong connection that ultimately led to a heartwarming and sincere bond between them, although this will not be for keeps. In its entirety the movie is compelling and while the concept may not be generally fresh, the viewers, especially those in the middle-age bracket, will strongly relate to it. Viewers will feel a myriad of emotions with this film and will lead you to reexamine your thoughts. This is a movie that you shouldn't miss! 
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