Image from: Sawako Decides (2010)

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Reviewed by josephcalingasa PH / Joined josephcalingasa 2016
Sawako Decides
Sawako Decides
Sawako Decides
Japan, 2010, 112 minutes Drama, Asian
No doubt the Japanese loved this film which was well-received by local viewers when it hit the cinemas, the comedy is subtle but the kind that will leave you to ponder. Director Yuya Ishii succeeds in presenting the lead character and the rest of the cast in a quirky and lighthearted way with a style that's quite unconventional, not really dark comedy but a comedy that's not too traditional. Viewers will find funny situations within emotional scenes. I noticed these in some scenes like the one where Kenichi confronts Sawako on the elopement issue, the hospital scene where Sawako witnesses her father's dying moments, that scene where the factory workers are telling Sawako they're all her mothers now and finally on that confrontation scene of Sawako and Kenichi while the former was scattering her father's ashes. These are dramatic scenes with comedic dialogues and actions infused in them. Cast performances are very commendable especially by the actors who portrayed Sawako's uncle and that woman factory worker whom Sawako suspects to be his father's ex-gf.  Do check out this film, folks!
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