Image from: Eyes of the Spider (1998)

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Eyes of the Spider
Eyes of the Spider
Eyes of the Spider
Japan, 1998, 83 minutes, SD Crime, Thriller, Asian
A quirky, dark and satirical masterpiece from Kurosawa. The dialogues are one of a kind and it becomes more intense as only the Japanese can do it. There was this scene where the mafia boss was doing a sort of inquest to Nijima (Aikawa), where sharp questions are asked, that I particularly relish. Sho Aikawa, a regular in Kurosawa films is deemed fit for the role;  the respectable type of man who is devoted to his wife but harbors dark secrets. While the film starts with Nijima taking revenge for his child's murder the rest of the movie tackles more on psychological drama and his involvement with the mafia and bad guys. Kurosawa, a Cannes regular and renowned for films like Cure and Tokyo Sonata is way ahead of his co-contemporaries, with his own unique brand of crime-thriller work. This is one of his earlier yet outstanding films so don't fail to check this out. 
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