Image from: Above the Clouds (2014)

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Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
Philippines, 2014, 90 minutes, HD Family, Asian, Arthouse
There is this oppressive stillness in the air over the beautiful mountain ranges of the Cordilleras in Northern Philippines far from the humdrum, technology and the pollution of city life in this well videoed movie about how a teenager and his grandfather struggled to face themselves. 15 year old Andy became cloistered and isolated in his own noisy interior world inside his own room and within the corridors of his earphones, refusing to reach out until his grandfather showed him photographs of his parents climbing one of the beautiful mountains of Bontoc.  After much convincing, he finally agreed to be taken to those mountains where he lost his parents to a storm.It was a struggle through the tensions of denial, the generational gap, the difficulty of the trek, and the refusal to let go of the comfort, the guilt,  contentment of a segregated existence, and the grief of his loss.  In the end of a process that seemed to last as long as eternity gives , they find revelation and clarity, and more importantly acceptance.
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