Image from: And the Mud Ship Sails Away... (2013)

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Reviewed by josephcalingasa PH / Joined josephcalingasa 2016
And the Mud Ship Sails Away...
And the Mud Ship Sails Away...
And the Mud Ship Sails Away...
Japan, 2013, 88 minutes Comedy
Such a boring and lonesome life for Takashi yet a life that he seems so content with. This Watanabe film depicts the life of a middle-aged bum who lives with his grandma and with a half-sister who suddenly appears from nowhere, only to add to his circle of hecklers. Like his ex-wife, she heckles him to go get a job and a life, of which he reacts very negatively.  But Takashi, the bum that he is, has a good side, too. He is a protective brother and he cares for his grandmother (although he sometimes leaves the old woman alone). Shibukawa as Takashi is the major force in this film, as while viewers marvel at the caring character Shohei, his friend,  and the rebellious traits of his half-sister Yuka, all eyes are on Takashi, for his listless and devil may care ways, and he's 36! I wasn't too keen though on the film's ending, and of how he turned out to be. It would have been great to see him straighten up his act but nonetheless, this is one film that we all can pluck a learning or two. Having a purpose in life is important,  if you don't have a purpose you aren't really living at all. 
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