Image from: Castration (2011)

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Reviewed by sandrajeanroqui PH / Joined sandrajeanroqui 2016
Mexico, 2011, 82 minutes Drama
I am all-praises for this amiable lady Lourdes in this film. Dedicated, hardworking and a good friend and babysitter. She is a woman trapped in a world that should've been more nicer for her. The scenes with her mother show her disdain and unforgiving side. There is a subliminal meaning in the hands; close-up scenes of her holding the baby's fingers,  her fingers clasping her mother's hands and her fingers with which she pleasures herself. These scenes mean a lot and make up a part of her character. She is also always seen with dishevelled hair,  this in one way or another reveals a part of her nature and emotions. Keyla Wood as her best friend is commendable; vampy and sultry and I particularly liked that scene where she was giggling uncontrollably when Lourdes asked the doctor about the "smell". Also worth the attention was Lourdes' boss and yes, Lourdes' mother.  They lent great support all the way.  Go see this film, you will be appalled with the emotions that it unleashes! 
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