Image from: Son of Babylon (2010)

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Son of Babylon
Son of Babylon
Son of Babylon
Iraq, 2010, 100 minutes, SD Drama, Coming of Age, Arthouse
Innocence, playfulness and blamelessness still ruled the Ahmed’s countenance before he and his grandmother set out on a journey to find his father.  He desired to become like his him whom he’s never met…a soldier. Believing that his son is still alive, Ahmed’s grandmother began a journey with Ahmed based on news that he might still be alive. Through that sad, painful and difficult journey, Ahmed would realize what war really is.  His grandmother will find the remains of his father. But this realization will make him lose his desire to become a soldier. I love that this movie discussed true to life events which made me question: what if it happened to my country, what if it happened us, to me? How do we handle it? But this movie also gave the answer to those questions.  Man is resilient like those Arab people who witness devastation everyday.
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