Image from: Trunks (2011)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
UK, 2011, 12 minutes LGBT, Sport
Quirky and  appealing!  I find this appealing as  the film explores the random thoughts and feelings that sometimes  astound people. Everyone, in one way or another, have gone through this phase.  It's not just actually about questioning oneself  if he's gay or not, but  it also goes with other convictions and  ideas.  The man's anxiety with  what transpired when he is underneath the pool is  a unique  idea that may or may not normally exist  but something that he should face up to, or shall I say, conquer.  The idea in itself is quite hilarious;  under the water- gay; above the water- straight.  That really got me and what the guy was explaining to his ex-gf were really detailed as he talked about desire,  emotions and all.  Viewers will come to the conclusion that,  there must be something powerful when  a human form is under the water, swimming in its most graceful form.   The water can somehow do wonders, things like that.  Nevertheless,  this is a film that has a unique plot and tries to convey  ideas that have always been inside man's psyche but rarely explored and discussed.  Cinematography was commendable and the  quirky antics and  exhibitions underneath the swimming pool was awesome. 
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