Image from: Hipopotamy (2014)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Poland, 2014, 13 minutes Animation, Arthouse
Impressive visuals and imagery! The film used dance-like movements at some point in the film to add artistry and as a form of language itself. I noticed that this film also garnered awards and I would like to presume maybe because of the imagery, presentation and how it made viewers think.  I just find some points as disturbing,  because while it is clear that violence towards women and children was stressed as an important issue in the film,  the last scene seems to suggest acceptance for  the violators and the women conceding to them,  as shown by their intimate acts. I was looking for maybe a justification or a punishment for the violators. And it somehow disturbed me too,  that the approach of the men were somehow compared to the behavior of hippos, because I felt it was unfair to compare the acts of these men to that of the usual hippo behavior,  which as animals, only act by instinct. The men in the film acted with malice and the intent to malign, hurt and abuse the women and children. Nevertheless,  film scoring was exemplary and this film is definitely worth checking out.  
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