Image from: An Unexpected Vacation (2012)

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An Unexpected Vacation
An Unexpected Vacation
An Unexpected Vacation
South Korea, 2012, 24 minutes Asian
This film elicited a mix of emotions, from compassion and pity for Jae Hoon,  sympathy for the brother and the bereaved and  hatred and repulsion for the boy who bullied Jae Hoon, who turned out to be a childhood friend.  As the older brother plots to exact revenge for his brother, revelations come out one by one,  like the school's non-acceptance that the suicide was a result of bullying and the eye-opening conversation with the bully's mother who turns out to be very fond of Jae Hoon.  The older brother breaks down into tears and  in the process failed to really hurt the bully.  The last scene showed  that the older brother himself had been harsh towards Jae Hoon,  admonishing him for the way he cooked ramen way back.  You can feel the burden of guilt upon the older brother as he acknowledges the fact that he, too, in a way, did his part in  belittling his brother.  A life, when it's taken away can never be brought  back.  One may be remorseful,  cry himself a river,  but the past can never be corrected, there is only the present and the future to correct that which have been damaged.  Impressive plot and  the acting very commendable. This is worth checking out, folks!
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