Image from: The 100% Perfect Girl (2006)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
The 100% Perfect Girl
The 100% Perfect Girl
The 100% Perfect Girl
USA, 2006, 6 minutes Asian, Drama, Arthouse
Narrated  and executed simply and with no-frills landscapes but only the sea beyond yet this film has a charm that's entirely unique.  In the back of  our minds, we have these thoughts of wanting to  know the one who's perfect and  there is this anticipation of meeting the one destined for us.  The narrator toys with the idea of a boy and girl meeting at a perfect time and has the same mindset and yet  they both agreed to test themselves, if indeed they are meant to be.  There is a test to prove if destiny will work in their favor.  Unfortunately,  it wasn't meant to be a good ending for them both.  This somehow resonates with the real world and the circumstances that people are caught up with.  Some fervently hope for the destined one, the perfect one, but  the chance was never given to them. Others are luckier though, but then again, how do they know they are the  ones really destined for each other?  Are they the ones to decide? Or is it just that being not destined for each other is really their destiny. These ideas and more come to mind in this film.   Thought-provoking but  very close to home, for each one of us.  Do  check this short film, folks. 
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