Image from: Dripped (2014)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
France, 2014, 9 minutes Animation
My first impression of the film was that this guy sure got a voracious appetite for..paintings! The flick need not be taken literally though  as it is more a symbolism for  Jack's ability to "devour" paintings which in turn makes him one with it, as shown by how he morphs into becoming the subject of the artwork he just consumed.  I guess, this is to depict the character's  hunger for art. The scene where Jack devours all the paintings and he transforms into various forms and colors was brilliant, complete with melodies and crescendos that add life and vibrancy to it.  It was a defining moment because as soon as he realized that he has consumed all the paintings he goes on to make one,  although he was at first unhappy with the result.  The drip painting style was somehow accidental and eventually made him an artist.  Indeed, the flick was  a fitting homage for the abstract expressionist painter Jack Pollock,  famous for the drip painting art form.  What made the film a feast for the senses was  the ingenuity in terms of cinematography coupled with magnifique musical scoring. Definitely a must-watch!
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