Image from: Lost Senses (2014)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Lost Senses
Lost Senses
Lost Senses
Poland, 2014, 6 minutes Animation, Childrens
Surreal and charming all at the same time.  As the man approaches the lady there is hope and positivity but the sudden appearance of buildings pose a great hindrance.  The man, on beast mode is bent to go after the  lady but misfortune befalls on him and he is left with a shattered head.  I was hoping for a positive resolution but when the lady comes into view she is shown with no eyes, only the sense of hearing, which leads  viewers to feelings of hopelessness for these two unfortunate characters. Somehow, the film,  though how vague the visuals may be, seem to convey the message that one cannot find what he/she is looking for if each of them is not attuned to the other. 
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