Image from: Double Trouble (2014)

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Reviewed by MaeMaeDecena PH / Joined MaeMaeDecena 2016
Double Trouble
Double Trouble
Double Trouble
Sweden, 2014, 11 minutes Comedy
SPOILER - What to do if you travel through time and alter events. What to do when there are inevitable repercussions. What to do if you are blindsided by fate.Double Trouble gives you a more perplexed and a not so happy ending of travelling through time. We are so mystified with the idea of going back in time that we throw caution to the wind just to get are whims done. This story is about a boy who tries to go back in time to get the girl of his dream, but he had to battle a lot of himself -LITERALLY! - without knowing in the end he would be frustrated - yeah! He went back. He got the girl. BUT the twist is just hilarious. All effort went down the drain.
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