Image from: Rainy House (2009)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Rainy House
Rainy House
Rainy House
Taiwan (China), 2009, 5 minutes Asian, Animation
The film opens with a man going about his repetitive and dull life along with its endless routines.  Unusual use of  sounds was observed:  the man typing on a computer sounded like  typing on a typewriter,  the man using stamp pad on papers sounded like gunshots. The colors depicted monotony and the man seems to be running into nowhere and going up and down the elevator, at one point confronted by a hideous creature. The rain inside his house was cryptic and overall one is drawn to a dishevelled world that seems to have no ending.  It was a relief to see that the man realized that he can be free from the bondage of  life's monotony just as a door that reveals a world of color and verdant fields opens up.  Life indeed has boundless meanings if one remains open to new possibilities. 
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