Image from: The Masseur (2005)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
The Masseur
The Masseur
The Masseur
Philippines, 2005, 76 minutes Drama, LGBT, Asian
Welcome to the world of masseurs and  of young men who perform massage services and beyond for gay customers.  The  lead actor of this film,  Coco Martin,  at this time (2005) still a neophyte in the movie industry is a revelation. For quite a daring role, he seemed natural and believable enough  and  was spontaneous all throughout.  Allan Paule, his customer,  is himself a seasoned actor and a protegee of the late director  Lino Brocka, one of the  more-known pillars of Philippine cinema.  Director Mendoza  who  has been recently earning raves for indie films  used parallel scenes in this flick and  overlapping sounds between scenes that seem irrelevant to each other. One  such example was the background sound of laughter  while  Martin and the bereaved kin were on their way to the cemetery to bury their dead father and the  shot where you can see young boys playing basketball in the cemetery.  These and more  somehow make the  entirety of the  film  interesting and could be a signatory style for Mendoza.   Jacklyn Jose, as  Martin's mother has her moments and  doesn't really need to say a word to convey her emotions.   Not a surprise that  this flick won the  Golden Leopard Award  at the  58th Locano International Film Festival  in Switzerland.   The flick tackled a delicate issue bravely and while there are scenes that seem to drag  one is nevertheless transported to a dark, secret world  with just a  touch of  rawness and  ingenuity. 
Not for me
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