Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 26/07/2016 15:48

Very moving film of a closeted gay man who's battling loneliness and the trauma of losing a loved one.  This isn't your usual LGBT fare in the sense that it goes deep down to the core of a person's being; dealing with sadness and loneliness and that self-denial of one's true sexual identity. These have all been genuinely portrayed by Ohad Knoller as Yossi, the epitome of a person who's alive but actually not living, in the truest sense. Even as a commendable heart surgeon he exists in a meaningless way but  a trip and knowing Tom  (Oz Zehavi) ultimately helps him to come to terms with himself.  Emotional and very touching, this film won for Knoller the Best Actor Award at the Iris Prize Festival.  This is highly recommended!