Reviewed by jeteli
on 18/07/2016 15:32

I think this film deserves a 4 star rating for its stellar cast. Interestingly, most of these actors are dramatic actors like Christopher de Leon, Johnny Delgado, Sandy Andolong and Charo Santos-Concio, to name a few. A musical comedy genre,  it subtly alludes to imperialistic domination as well as the vital role of the Catholic Church in local society. Note that this film was made during the time of the Martial Law, a time in Phil history wherein films are heavily censored. Funny but I remember the film Sister Act with this one, although the latter will come decades later. This film garnered top awards at local filmfests like Famas and Urian. Do check this out and get a glimpse of how musical comedies are done Pinoy-style!