Reviewed by amyfaulkner
on 29/07/2015 11:34

Prepare yourselves. This is emotional overdrive to the max that hooks you from the get-go. The young director, Damien Chazelle, gives us a gruelling tale about the desire for success. The film is completely and utterly focused on one thing, young Andrew's ambition as a drummer and his unrelenting endeavour to improve and succeed . All other sub-plots (romantic endeavour predictably included) soon fade from view. And no doubt Andrew (Miles Teller) gives us some stellar performances although they are never enough for his slave driving coach (JK Simmons) who pushes him more than once past breaking point with blood seeping from his ripped and cracked hands, It's a beautiful piece about dedication versus obsession, investment versus sadism. It finishes with an unexpected flourish. You'll be left with an unanticipated desire to seek out this addictive thrum once more.