Reviewed by Lorlor87
on 24/12/2014 22:58

This movie starts off about an ex-beauty pageant contestant named Bliss who leaves her crowns behind after joining a roller-derby team. While her mother would prefer that Bliss unlace her skates and step back before the judges, the rebellious teen instead seeks the wisdom of rowdy mentor Malice in Wonderland in learning the tricks of the circuit track. The movie is much better than plot may sound. Ellen Page is superb as usual, taking on a somewhat different role than what I've seen before. It's impossible to compare her to her role in Juno, as in "Whip It" she plays a much more introverted, but still conflicted girl. Andrew Wilson was probably the funniest character in the movie. All things considered it's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of hip movies or just comedy in general.