Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 15/07/2016 15:33

You can't help but feel mixed emotions with this man! He's undoubtedly one of the famous con men on that side of the world, someone you can't  help but feel anger and resentment to and yet someone you can't help but admire, because he was smart and quick-witted judging from that interviews with a reporter during the time he pretended to be an airline owner's son.  In fact, the true son later hinted that Marcelo's ideas were smart. Indeed, one can't put a sure foot into the mind of Marcelo, if he was indeed mentally disturbed or a psycho or having alter-egos all at the same time. But like what an actor stressed in an interview, he had COMPASSION, and that was something you can't expect from a usual con man of sorts. In a way, Marcelo did bad things to be able  to do something good; something quite vague and unexplainable.  He is indeed one very rare kind of a person and his life story, as  misleading as it can be, is full of lessons that we can all learn from. It's a story of mischief, rebellion and the need to belong but also it's a story of a man who resorts to pretensions and lying to mask his real identity, to the point that people don't really know who he really is, although I'm pretty sure his mother knows him inside out. Masking his true identity was a means for him to get away with things, and in a way for financial gain.  Lastly,  he made mention in the documentary that if there's something he can't do he won't stop until he gets it. It's all a challenge for himself, a test to see if he can pull it off. Most often than not he's successful although not for long! Such a very peculiar person that I am just plain speechless with his myriad of talents! Get to know him by watching this film and for sure, you can't help but laugh, chuckle, grimace and swoon all at the same time!!!!