Reviewed by blacksnakemoan
on 29/07/2014 10:10

When Emmanuelle Béart's sprog goes missing after a tsunami hits their Thai holiday resort, the grieving and forever pouting madame clings to the belief that he might still be alive. Hubby Rufus Sewell (overacting like a vaudeville stand-in) pleads with her to accept the grim truth, but when the pair see a lookalike of their son in a documentary filmed in a Burmese village, they set out to find him, never quite knowing if he's the real deal. Despite all the hokum that follows, this terrifying fish-out-of-water scenario never quite has you losing confidence in its silliness - an impressive feat. The drug lords, murderers and muddied oompa-loompas they meet along the way crank up the tension effectively, with Béart, the tops production design and a harrowing final scene elevating it to something memorable.