Reviewed by marcosibanezodonnell
on 27/10/2014 13:33

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. Especially when that is after accidentally killing a young girl. "Villain" is, above all, a film about loneliness. Two lonely souls that happen to connect in unusual circumstances and happen to fall in love, a grieving father that is determined to know the truth about her daughter's death, the grieving villain's grandmother who has to defend her family's honor and the playboy who despite acting cool with his friends lives under fear and regret. These melancholic characters just want to find their place in the world, move on, connect with the people around them. However they are bound to be misfits, and any glimpse of happiness is not usually there to stay. There is a bit of a villain in all of them, but also a human side that struggles to find their own inner peace. But fortune favors the brave, or so they say, and "Villain" is lacking the hero in the story. There is only room for the weak here, and this is certainly no world for them.