Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 29/07/2016 14:59

It's always a mystery how a heartbreak and a tragic end of a relationship can change a person's perspective completely.  After witnessing her partner's infidelity at a close-range view, Ann the pianist (Huppert) decides to have a clean break from the life she's so used of having. She wants to be invisible and untraceable to everyone save for one long-time friend, Georges (Anglade). She goes on a road trip that ultimately leads her to a secluded island. Huppert was dazzling as Ann; calm yet confused,  fed up yet fighting and struggling for her own sanity amidst the deception and betrayal of her partner.  Swimming and music proved to be a big help for the character and a great dose of therapy. Laudable cinematography and there are countless panning shots and scenes where the camera seems to be always moving and following the characters. This is a film that lets viewers reassess the effects of betrayal and infidelity as well as a peek on a person's self-discovery. Poignant and  very compelling!