Reviewed by amyfaulkner
on 04/08/2015 15:55

Child actor Zoé Héran is astonishingly mature and brave in her role as Laure, a little girl who sports a boys haircut and clothes and adopts the name Mikael in front of her new friends. For her debut role, she is very comfortable and it is clear that this film reaches out and touches us so deeply because it speaks with a heart. There are elements of personal experience from both cast and director, Céline Sciamma, that enrich the film. What is so special is that it is a short snapshot. We do not know whether Laure is transgender and this will mature with time or if this is a childhood phase. This film paints childhood as a time of experiment and a time of innocence where you can follow your heart without scruple or hesitation. Malonn Lévana is also wonderful in her role as sister highlighting that unbreakable human barricade that is the childhood sibling relationship.