Reviewed by DelphineM
on 19/11/2014 11:43

While the well-known French documentary "The Class" (Palme D'Or, Cannes 2008) explores the life a lively high-school class in a Parisian suburb, "To Be and To Have" highlights a calm and rural elementary class. \r\nNicolas Philibert successfully captures the daily life of George Lopez, a charismatic teacher and the children, by making them forget the camera.\r\nThe audience becomes a witness to daily routines, ordinary life and school lessons that remind us of small wonders and simple emotions.\r\nNo voice-over or explanations are needed to understand and enjoy the different scenes: a funny learning lesson or a fight during recess. It's all about feeling.\r\n\r\nThe documentary won a César and a European Film Awards for best documentary.