Reviewed by sharonmae
on 22/06/2016 08:50

La Aunor proves yet time and again why she has been dubbed as Phil. cinema's superstar.  This movie is yet another manifestation of how deftly she can handle roles with ease. Local viewers have seen her metamorphose from teenybopper,singer, actress and onwards to becoming one of the sought-after drama actresses  of Phil. cinema. She doesn't have to speak, her eyes are enough to convey emotions and in this film she also used it to the hilt.  This Mendoza masterpiece takes viewers on a closer look not only of culture but also in appreciation of nature as evidenced by the countless scenic shots of the sea as well as highlighting cultural dances and rituals especially of the Tausug minority group in Tawi-Tawi. Kudos to Burgos for the laudable screenplay, don't miss the chance to watch this, guys!