Reviewed by apickard
on 15/05/2014 10:48

Starring Farbice Luchini (“Potiche” and “In the House”), Natalia Verbeke (“Doctor Mateo”) and Carmen Maura (“Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdow”), who was presented with the César Award for Best Supporting Actress.\r\n\r\nParis in the 1960s, but not how we’re used to seeing it. Le Guay’s romantic drama offers us a through-the-keyhole look into not only French society at the time but also into the everyday lives of the immigrants who abandoned Franco’s Spain in search of a better life in France… The women on the sixth floor are Spanish maids coming in all shapes and sizes, who bring the Parisian apartment block and the landlord, Monsieur Joubert, who isn’t like all the others, to life.\r\n\r\nThe close bonds that these women develop and the warmth they emanate despite their hard lives and being away from home is touching. Their presence alongside the French bourgeoisie makes for a humorous setting where cultural as well as linguistic differences become apparent. Yet no difference is too great when up against the power of the heart.