Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 25/10/2016 12:42

Emotional, heart-wrenching and intense! This film caught my attention and I was transformed into another Korean era with all these lavish costumes, cultural rituals and all. What struck me the most was the lead character Mu-meyong, played by notable Korean actor Cho Seung-woo as he took to the role very naturally.  Seung-woo is definitely a tour de force and  has commendable fighting skills as well as a very expressive face plus he's a very natural comedian as well. This movie is a sort of biopic on the Empress Myeongseong of the Joseon dynasty although it's safe to believe that there are some fictional scenes added to make the film more compelling for the viewers. There was this fight scene on a boat between Mu-myeong and a trusted guard of the King which I believe were done with some special effects but it was well executed as well. Another scene that's quite straight out of a fantasy movie was when the now queen Myeongseong was inside a carriage and notices  two butterflies and when she looks out, the said butterflies landed on the shoulder of Mu-myeong who has become a palace guard to be near her. A movie about unrequited love and devotion, of political struggles and conflicts and of a very assertive and brave qu een who didn't allow herself to be dictated, not even by the father in law.  Very engrossing film that's highly recommended!