Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 14/07/2016 14:19

Brilliant piece of work from up and coming Filipino indie film maker Jason Paul Laxamana! Riding in the wave of social media popularity,  partners in crime Greg (Medina) and Marney (Para) victimize women via Facebook who, when they fall into the trap,gets scammed of money.  Marney is in the sidelines, as the gay trainer of Greg but in the process Greg falls in love with an elder woman Daisy (Alma Concepcion). This is notably an ugly reality in the Philippines nowadays, with people especially women falling prey to male hunks who befriend them on Facebook and after getting their confidence, dupe them. Mostly for cash and valuables and the worse scenario, with the victim getting raped and even killed. It's one of the horrifying consequence of an advanced technology and  when one has access to the world via social media sites, something that's being addressed but very hard to suppress, as most of these social media and internet scammers possess various fake accounts making it  hard to track and nail them. Commendable performances from lead characters and Kiko Matos, who's one of the scammers is a stand-out.  Compelling and engaging to watch!