Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 25/04/2016 09:46

Eye-opening! This film gives us the realization that there is somehow a sad part when it comes to grooming beauty queens,  just as it is with athletes and creative talent. Memi has to go through rigorous training, from tennis-playing,to swimming and the likes to develop her physique and give her stamina as well.  The most excruciating part was having to wear a humongous crown that does nothing but hurt her, because of its weight. Poor Memi! You can really sense the pain and desperation in her face but still she pushes through with the celebration as that 's what is expected of her,  to be queenly and to behave like a queen!  This film  gives us the realizations that aside from glamour and glitz of beauty pageants also lies a dark part, there are things that you have to sacrifice to gain glory.  A recommended film for all!