Reviewed by sharonmae
on 22/07/2016 16:13

While the film centers on the beautiful nurse Anna (Ursula Andress)  and how she's hired by the family  members  to care for the ill head of the family with the intent that her seductive charm can trigger a massive heart attack, this movie is also all about greed, self-indulgences, sex, lust and other worldly exploits. Being  heralded as a sex comedy genre,  viewers can also choose to look at it in a deeper sense, with disgust or  probably indifference but certainly, this film's director has the grandest of intentions.  It tries to depict the human nature, both in the bad side ( the schemings, the quest for money) but also in the good side( love, true  concern and commitment and the nurse' decision not to go along with the family's plans). With whom will you take side, is up to you. Generally, an interesting film and you'll savor this, especially if you're familiar of the Bond girls!