Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 11/04/2016 12:38

Judging from the title I  really thought this is one action-filled flick but it turns out it's only the outer cover. The film may start out as action-packed because of the war scene but aside from that there wasn't much that I found interesting, especially the acting, it seems the two leads doesn't fit the roles. The girl looks more like a model than an adventurer and the man's features doesn't seem to fit the adventurer kind.  There were scenes that were quite dull and uninteresting and the change of costumes as they tell their story to each other didn't seem to connect well with the viewers.  And their travel through space when their spaceship got destroyed seems quite unconvincing.  Really,  the only part of the film that really took my interest were the armed dinosaurs that are in full fighting form.  My,  were they so ready for the action!  Not quite an engaging film but do check  out this film  and  look out for the dinosaurs, I'd say!