Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 06/10/2016 16:16

For a moment I was mulling over the title of this documentary and got quite confused.  I suffice whoever decided on this title (could be director Wuna or somebody else) somehow thought about the rising sun refusing to set in the west, thus the title. But I was nevertheless thinking otherwise, why not "the dream never dies"?  For it's clearly evident, during this film's entirety that viewers can feel the burning desire, the relentless energy and overflowing enthusiasm of this man,the father of Director Wu Wuna.  I was particularly amused with that scene where Wuna and her father were talking about how he used to make and sell sex toys, such a lucrative business indeed! And this scene was filmed in a store full of sex toys naturally. You can see the genuine smiles and girly giggles of the daughter as the father talks, albeit boasts of his former business and inventions and how above it all his wife, Wuna's mother was so supportive!  The conversations are very genuine and flow very easily that viewers will really appreciate. This is I guess, one of the sincerest documentaries I've encountered so far, as it is not just storytelling  and divulging real-life experiences but it's also a father  talking to his daughter in a most natural and genuine way.   Shout out to Director Wu Wuna for this masterpiece.